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Student Work

2nd Year Students

Mark Baker
Chih-Yun (Angela) Chao
Brian DuBois
Kristina Gerig
Seth Keller
Sae Jung Oh
Brittany Pool
Chris Schanck
Reed Wilson

Student Work

Isaac Chen
Courtney Clarke
Talha Khwaja
Saebyul Lim
Jonathan Muecke
Robert Turek
Hsin-Chun Wang


Student Work

Patrick Gavin
Malika Green
Glenn Jufer
Sanghoon Kim
Grace Lee
Sangjang Lee

3D Design: Selected Work 2001-2008

John Truex
Duck Young Kong
Jeewon Jung
Cas Holman
Jackson Hong
Sara Huston
Numi Hwang
Shanshan Li
Shirley Liao
Mark Moskovitz
Kenneth Rasco
Shannyn Rivera and Will Ayers
Shannyn Rivera
Jada Schumacher
David Tsia
Warit Tulyathorn
Jeewon Jung and Brent White
Thanapong ‘Book’ Vudhichamnong
Hao Wei ‘Wynn’ Wu



3D Design: Selected Work Archive

Jeewon Jung. Ballistic Vase
2004, Cast Silicon w/ Bullet
Description: The cavity in this ‘vessel’ was created when a bullet was fired into a molded silicon form. Violence meets fragility and ornament.

Jackson Hong. Citizen X Mask
2002, Plastic, Electronics
Description: A dark look at the relationship between technology and identity. Online avatars leave the screen and enter the street



Jada Schumacher. Orange Room Display
2005, Acrylic, Fruit
Description: This project explores sensuality of light and color in a display context.



Mark Moskovitz. Concrete Barware
2005, Concrete, Glass
Description: Weight and tactility compensate for the sensory deprivation and immateriality of ‘knowledge workers.’


Mark Moskovitz. Coffeepot
2005, Ceramic, Rope
Description: Weight and tactility compensate for the sensory deprivation and immateriality of ‘knowledge workers.’



David Tsia. Pinocchio Toothpick Dispenser
2001, Alloy
Description: This toothpick dispenser grows a wooden nose. Abstract narrative informs the dining experience.


Duck Young Kong. Pull-string Alarm Clock
2006, ABS plastic
Description: A pull-string interface negotiates the analog and the digital.



Sara Huston. Wall Lamp
2005, Bent Ply, Laminate
Description: This wall lamp creates a space that highlights its beautiful wooden texture.



Cas Holman. Eco System
2005, Steel, Leather, Magnets
Description: Cellular and biomorphic systems inspire a modular interior system of seats, cushions and wall ornament.


John Truex. Chandelier
2005, Steel Rod
Description: This hanging lamp takes its reference from the structure of urban streetlamps. Street references begin to inform the interior.


Sara Huston. Expectational Furniture (Part 1)
2006, MDF
Description: This ‘dysfunctional’ furniture challenges expectations about semantic affordances. As function recedes, new meanings emerge.



Shannyn Rivera, Will Ayers. Furcuzi
2004, Fur, Leather
Description: An ironic look at the ‘upscaling’ of everything.



Jeewon Jung, Brent White. Sweet Nothings Sex Toys
2004, Urethane
Description: Rubber sex toys come out of the closet disguised as domestic ornament.



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