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Student Work

2nd Year Students

Mark Baker
Chih-Yun (Angela) Chao
Brian DuBois
Kristina Gerig
Seth Keller
Sae Jung Oh
Brittany Pool
Chris Schanck
Reed Wilson


Student Work

Isaac Chen
Courtney Clarke
Talha Khwaja
Saebyul Lim
Jonathan Muecke
Robert Turek
Hsin-Chun Wang


Student Work

Patrick Gavin
Malika Green
Glenn Jufer
Sanghoon Kim
Grace Lee
Sangjang Lee

3D Design: Selected Work 2001-2008

John Truex
Duck Young Kong
Jeewon Jung
Cas Holman
Jackson Hong
Sara Huston
Numi Hwang
Shanshan Li
Shirley Liao
Mark Moskovitz
Kenneth Rasco
Shannyn Rivera and Will Ayers
Shannyn Rivera
Jada Schumacher
David Tsia
Warit Tulyathorn
Jeewon Jung and Brent White
Thanapong ‘Book’ Vudhichamnong
Hao Wei ‘Wynn’ Wu




3D Design: Selected Work Archive

Numi Hwang. Os&Vs, Oil and Vinegar Dispensers
Glass, Rubber
Description: These tabletop objects suggest a new interface and a beautiful centerpiece for the dining table.



Jackson Hong. Citizen X Mask
2002, Plastic, Electronics
Description: A dark look at the relationship between technology and identity. Online avatars leave the screen and enter the street.


Hao Wei ‘Wynn’ Wu. Ozone Lamp
2007, Wax, Electrical
Description: This lamp was inspired by the earth’s ozone layer. Over time, the lamp’s heat will deform the wax globe.


Thanapong ‘Book’ Vudhichamnong. ConsuME Meat Maker
2006, Representational model of foam and plastic
Description: The ConsuME Meat Maker is a speculative product that brings current genetic laboratory techniques to the kitchen. The device can ‘grow’ tissue (meat) from a biologic sample (human, animal, or otherwise) which results in a donut-shaped piece of meat for the dinner table. Moral Vegan meets Genetic Engineering meets Sustainability. With a dark twist.



Shirley Liao. Design Star Trading Cards
Printed Cardboard
Description: Design Stars have surpassed the importance of their products. Collect cards instead of products!



Shirley Liao. TV nightlight
Plastic, Electronics
Description: This mini TV is not for viewing, but for providing the comforting flicker of ‘connection’.



Shanshan Li. Orchard on the Table
2003, Porcelain
Description: A tree-like fruit bowl suggests where the fruit comes from.



Kenneth Rasco. Urban Adventure Suit
2003, Gor-tex
Description: This transformable business suit is perfect for the knowledge-worker-by-day / urban-graffiti-artist-by-night.



Shannyn Rivera. Plato Speaker Phone
Plastic, Electronics
Description: The speakerphone becomes a centerpiece on the table that suggests the possibility of conversation and food.



Jackson Hong. Storyboard
2002, Color Print
Description: A scenario that explores the social implications of virtual reality.



Warit Tulyathorn. Reading Lamp
2005, Felt, Plastic
Description: This lamp’s cone of light becomes a space of visual and acoustic privacy for readers.


Cas Holman. Geemo, modular toy
2005, Silicon rubber, Magnets
Description: A rubber toy with magnetic arms can link together and ‘grow’ into your space.



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