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Although you have graduated from the Academy, you have not left the fold. We hope that you will stay connected to the Academy and the international alumni network. All CAA alumni are encouraged to explore our resources and we hope to hear from you!

Alumni Networks:

We are building alumni networks. It is  our intention to give alumni who are living in communities across the globe a way to stay connected to each other and to serve as a resource for recent graduates who getting started in a new city. For more information on volunteering to develop a regional network in your community, please contact Sarah Turner, 248-645- 3090 or at

The Academy maintains a database of alumni. We want to stay in touch with you and you can help us with this by letting us know when you move or change your e-mail address. Please regularly update your contact information to provide us with your current personal and business information.


How you can help us:

We welcome information about your classmates that could help us reconnect with them. If you can provide the address of an alumnus who we may have lost touch with, or know that an alum is deceased, please inform us.

Social Networking - Connect with us:

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Privacy Policy:

Please be assured that we adhere to a strict policy of protecting the privacy and confidentiality of your information. We never give out alumni contact information without permission nor do we provide any information about our alumni to non-alumni parties. Sometimes this means that when you’re looking to find a former studio mate or classmate, we’ll contact them for you.  If you have questions please call us at 248-645-3300 or send an email to



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