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3D Printer
3D Rapid Prototype Printer (Dimensions Uprint)


Central Media Lab Manager:

Michael Paradise, Technology Coordinator


The Central Media Lab

This facility opened in 2001 and offers a number of Production options including a tiered viewing room, HD video edit suits, an audio isolation booth and cove wall for staging still capture or keyed effects. The Central Media Lab is equipped with the latest Macintosh and PC hardware, digital print and capture equipment, such as scanners (including a 3D HD scanner),  HD video and digital SLR cameras. Output equipment includes HD LCD Projectors, color and b&w laser printers, large format pigment inkjet plotters, to 64” width and an ABS 3D rapid prototype printer. The Lab licenses and supports most popular Mac and PC software, offered by Adobe Microsoft and Pro products by Apple. Much of the hand held gear is available for loan. The CML requires an orientation on basic use of lab technology and subscribes to an on-line interactive training site that offers self paced learning on hundreds of software applications from basic to advanced level. When possible workshops are scheduled with regional professionals, who share tips, techniques and Q&A's on new software and hardware being used in the field. The CML networks with regional production facilities in and around Detroit, if additional resources are required.




Central Media Lab (CML)



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Production Studio & Staging Area




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