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New Acquisitions: January-March 2010


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(NE 539 .R55 A4)

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(N 6537 .M445 A4)

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(NK 7393 .H36)

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Design Interviews: Andrea Branzi. Omegna (VB): Museo Alessi; Mantova: Corraini, 2007.
(DVD NK 1452 .Z9 B73)

Design Interviews: Archille Castiglioni. Omegna (VB): Museo Alessi; Mantova: Corraini, 2007.
(DVD NK 1452 .Z9 C37)

Design Interviews: Ettore Sottsass. Omegna (VB): Museo Alessi; Mantova: Corraini, 2007.
(DVD NK 1535 .S68 D47)

Design Interviews: Richard Sapper. Omegna (VB): Museo Alessi; Mantova: Corraini, 2007.
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Bas, Hernan. An Evening with Hernan Bas. Bloomfield Hills, MI: Cranbrook Academy of Art, 2010.
(CAA LECTURE Bas 2010)

Candy, Stuart. Fragments of Future Worlds: The Art and Design of Experimental Scenarios. Bloomfield Hills, MI: Cranbrook Academy of Art, 2010.
(CAA LECTURE Candy 2010)

Gluck, Peter. Fear of Architecture: Re-Crafting a Broken Process. Bloomfield Hills, MI: Cranbrook Academy of Art, 2010.
(CAA LECTURE Gluck 2010)

Hecht, Sam, and Kim Colin. Product as Landscape. Bloomfield Hills, MI: Cranbrook Academy of Art, 2010.
(CAA LECTURE Industrial Facility 2010)

Schutz, Dana. An Evening with Dana Schutz. Bloomfield Hills, MI: Cranbrook Academy of Art, 2010.
(CAA LECTURE Schutz 2010)

Shales, Ezra. Craft’s Social Life. Bloomfield Hills, MI: Cranbrook Academy of Art, 2010.
(CAA LECTURE Shales 2010)

Stratton, Shannon. Gestures of Resistance. Bloomfield Hills, MI: Cranbrook Academy of Art, 2010.
(CAA LECTURE Stratton 2010)

White, Charlie. The Discomfort of Looking. Bloomfield Hills, MI: Cranbrook Academy of Art, 2010.
(CAA LECTURE White 2010)