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New Acquisitions: February 2006


Abalos, Inaki. Tower and Office: From Modernist Theory to Contemporary Practice. Cambridge, MA: MIT Press, 2003.
(NA 6232 .A33)

Ahtila, Eija-Liisa. Fantasized Persons and Taped Conversations. Helsinki: Crystal Eye Ltd, 2002.
(PN 1992.8 .V5 A38)

Art at Work: Forty Years of the JP Morgan Chase Collection. New York: Chase Manhattan Corp., 2000.
(N 5207.5 .C43)

Baas, Jacquelynn. Smile of the Buddha: Eastern Philosophy and Western Art from Monet to Today. Berkeley: University of California Press, 2005.
(NX 456 .B25)

Barlow, Melinda. Mary Lucier. Baltimore, MD: Johns Hopkins University Press, 2000.
(N 6537 .L89 A4)

Baudrillard, Jean. Fatal Strategies. New York: Semiotext(e); London: Pluto, 1990.
(HN 16 .B38)

Becherer, Joseph Antenucci. Between Silence and Strength: The Sculpture of Dietrich Klinge. Grand Rapids, Michigan: Frederik Meijer Gardens and Sculpture Park, 2005.
(NB 588 .K54 B43)

Boruch, Marianne. Single and Plural, 1997. Deer Isle, ME: Haystack Mountain School of Crafts, 1997.
(NK 410 .D44 B67)

Bulegato, Fiorella, and Sergio Polano. Michele De Lucchi: From Here to There and Beyond. Milano: Electa Architecture, 2005.
(NK 1452 .Z9 D245)

Burton, Johanna. ChanSchatz and the Soft Mechanics of Idiomatic Code. Santa Barbara, Calif.: Santa Barbara Contemporary Arts Forum, 2003.
(ND 237 .C45 B87)

Close-ups: Contemporary Art and Carl Th. Dreyer. Copenhagen: Nikolaj, Copenhagen Contemporary Art Center in collaboration with NIFCA, Nordic Institute for Contemporary Art, 1999.
(NX 456 .C56)

Crosscurrents: Art, Craft, and Design in North Carolina. Raleigh, N.C.: North Carolina Museum of Art; Charlotte, N.C.: Mint Museums, 2005.
(N 6530 .N8 C76)

Dorothy Cross. Milano: Charta; Dublin (IRL): Irish Museum of Modern Art, 2005.
(N 6797 .C76 A6)

Fairbrother, Trevor J. In and Out of Place: Contemporary Art and the American Social Landscape. Boston: Museum of Fine Arts, 1993.
(N 72 .S6 F35)

Fontcuberta, Joan, and Hubertus von Amelunxen. Photography: Crisis of History. Barcelona: Actar, 2002.
(TR 15 .P56)

The 48th Corcoran Biennial: Closer to Home. Washington, D.C.: Corcoran Gallery of Art, 2005.
(N 6512 .C82 2005)

From Arkhipov to Zittel. Birmingham, England: Ikon Gallery, 2002.
(NX 600 .C6 F76)

Gregor Schneider. Milano: Charta, 2003.
(N 6888 .S39 A4)

Greenaway, Peter. The Stairs: Munich Projection. London: M. Holberton, 1995.
(N 6537 .G79 A44)

Hart, David C. Inside, Outside: Contemporary Cuban Art. Winston-Salem N.C.: Wake Forest University, 2003.
(N 6603 .H37)

Holleman, Thomas J. Wirt C. Rowland Exhibition Catalog. Clinton, MI: Wirt C. Rowland Committee, Historical Society of Clinton, 2004.
(NA 737 .R66 H66)

Ibelings, Hans. 20th Century Architecture in the Netherlands. Rotterdam: NAi, 1995.
(NA 1148 .I24)

In the Making: Materials and Process. Cape Town: Michael Stevenson, 2005.
(N 7392 .I5)

Jason Salavon: Brainstem Still Life. Bloomington, IN: School of Fine Arts Gallery, Indiana University, 2004.
(N 6537 .S26 A4)

Jeffrey Shaw: A User's Manual, From Expanded Cinema to Virtual. Ostfildern: Cantz, 1997.
(NX 590 .Z9 S52)

Johnson, Eirik. Borderlands. Santa Fe, NM: Twin Palms Publishers, 2005.
(TR 660.5 .J64)

Leonid Lerman: The Last Man: April 4 - May 3, 2003. New York: McKee Gallery, 2003.
(NB 699 .L46 A4)

Lydenberg, Robin. [Gone] : Site-Specific Works by Dorothy Cross. Chestnut Hill, MA: McMullen Museum of Art, Boston College; Chicago: Distributed by University of Chicago Press, 2005.
(N 6797 .C76 >93)

The Mating Habits of Lines: Sketchbooks and Notebooks of Ree Morton. Burlington, VT: Robert Hull Fleming Museum, University of Vermont, 2000.
(NC 139 .M64 A4)

McCarthy, Kevin F. A Portrait of the Visual Arts: Meeting the Challenges of a New Era. Santa Monica, CA: RAND Corp., 2005.
(N 8600 .P67)

Merrill Wagner. New York: A.R.T. Press, 2003.
(ND 237 .W26 A4)

Murakami, Takashi. Little Boy: The Arts of Japan's Exploding Subculture. New York: Japan Society: New Haven, CT: Yale University Press, 2005.
(N 7358 .L58)

North Carolina Pottery: The Collection of the Mint Museums. Chapel Hill: Published for the Mint Museums by the University of North Carolina Press, 2004.
(NK 4025 .N87 N67)

Olkowski, Dorothea. Gilles Deleuze and the Ruin of Representation. Berkeley: University of California Press, 1999.
(N 6537 .K39 O44)

Paul Brach: The Negative Way, the Geometry of Faith and Music of the Spheres. Iowa City, Iowa: University of Iowa Museum of Art, 2002.
(ND 237 .B76 A4)

Petroski, Henry. Engineers of Dreams: Great Bridge Builders and the Spanning of America. New York: Vintage Books, 1996.
(TG 23 .P47)

Public Relations: New British Photography. Ostfildern: Cantz; New York, NY: Distribution in the US, Distributed Art Publishers, 1997.
(TR 57 .P83)

Robinson, Phaedra. Communicable Consumption. Rochester, MI: Meadow Brook Art Gallery, Dept. of Art and Art History, College of Arts and Sciences, Oakland University, 2005.
(N 6537 .R63 A4)

Schwartz, Sanford, and Robert Storr. Rackstraw Downes. Princeton, N.J.: Princeton University Press, 2005.
(ND 237 .D77 S36)

Starling, Anna. Frieze Art Fair Yearbook 2003-4. London: Frieze, 2003.
(N 6488 .G7 F75 2003)

Stevenson, Michael. South African Art, 1848 - Now. Cape Town: Michael Stevenson, 2005.
(N 7392 .S744)

Strong Women, Beautiful Men: Japanese Portrait Prints from the Toledo Museum of Art. Amsterdam: Hotei Publishing, 2005.
(NE 1314 .T6 T66)

Sugimori, Eitoku. Japanese Patinas. Portland, ME: Brynmorgen Press, 2004.
(TS 710 .S84)

Waplington, Nick. Other Edens. New York: Aperture, 1994.
(TR 654 .W385 O84)

Wendy Roberts: Paintings. Rochester, MI: Meadow Brook Art Gallery, 2004.
(ND 237 .R64 A4)

Woodman, George. Pitti Revisited. Firenze: Centro Di, 1997.
(TR 647 .W64 P58)


Box, Steve, and Nick Park. Wallace & Gromit: The Curse of the Were-rabbit. Universal City, CA: DreamWorks Pictures: Distributed by Universal Studios Home Entertainment, 2006.
(DVD PN 1997 .W355)

Bresson, Robert. Pickpocket. Irvington, NY: Criterion Collection, 2005.
(DVD PN 1997 .P535)

Burton, Tim. Corpse Bride. Burbank, CA: Warner Home Video, 2006.
(DVD PN 1997 .C66)

Clément, René. Forbidden Games. Irvington, N.Y.: Criterion Collection, 2005.
(DVD PN 1997 .F64)

Color and Fire: Defining Moments in Studio Ceramics, 1950-2000. Princeton, NJ: Films for the Humanities & Sciences, 2004.
(DVD NK 3930 .C63)

Dance, Charles. Ladies in Lavender. Culver City, CA: Sony Pictures Home Entertainment, 2005.
(DVD PN 1997 .L25)

The Decalogue. Chicago: Facets Video, 2003.
(DVD PN 1997 .D435)

Fox, Eytan. Walk on Water. Culver City, CA: Sony Pictures Home Entertainment, 2005.
(DVD PN 1997 .W347)

Haggis, Paul. Crash. Santa Monica, CA: Lions Gate Entertainment, 2005.
(DVD PN 1997 .C735)

Herzog, Werner. Aguirre, Wrath of God. Troy, MI: Anchor Bay, 2000.
(DVD PN 1997 .A248)

The Home Maker: Samuel "Sambo" Mockbee. Princeton, NJ: Films for the Humanities & Sciences, 2002.
(DVD NA 737 .M63 H66)

Kurosawa, Akira. The Bad Sleep Well. New York: Criterion Collection; Chatsworth, CA: Distributed by Image Entertainment, 2006.
(DVD PN 1997 .B28)

Kurosawa, Akira. Ran. Irvington, N.Y.: Criterion Collection, 2005.
(DVD PN 1997 .R36)

Madden, John. Proof. Burbank, CA: Miramax Home Entertainment: Distributed by Buena Vista Home Entertainment, 2006.
(DVD PN 1997 .P78)

Metronomic & Co.: French Animated Shorts #1. France: Lowave, 2005.
(DVD TR 897.5 .M48)

Peosay, Tom. Tibet: Cry of the Snow Lion. New York, NY: New Yorker Video, 2004.
(DVD DS 786 .T53)

Powell, Michael, and Emeric Pressburger. The Tales of Hoffman. United States: Janus Films: StudioCanal, 2005.
(DVD PN 1997 .T31)

The Robert A.F. Thurman Collection. New York: Mystic Fire Video: Distributed by Wellspring, 2002.
(DVD BQ 4022 .R63)

Sinclair, Leni, and Cary Loren. MC 5 Live: Kick Out the Jams. Oaks, PA: Music Video Distributors, 2005.
(DVD ML 421 .M34 K53)

Soderbergh, Steven. Bubble. Los Angeles, CA: Magnolia Pictures, 2006.
(DVD PN 1997 .B865)

Truffaut, François. Shoot the Piano Player. Los Angeles, CA: Showtime Entertainment, 2005.
(DVD PN 1997 .S567)


Carter, Karen. Ruth Duckworth: A Life in Clay. Chicago, IL: Home Vision Cinema, 2004.
(VHS NK 4210 .D79)