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New Acquisitions: March 2011


Allen, Gwen. Artists' Magazines: An Alternative Space for Art. Cambridge, Mass.: MIT Press, 2011.
(N 1 .A1 A45)

An Autobiography of the San Francisco Bay Area: Parts 1 & 2. San Francisco, CA: SF Camerawork Productions, 2010.
(TR 646 .S26 A98 v.2)

Athena Tacha: From the Public to the Private = Apo to Demosio sto Idiotiko. Thessalonike: Ypourgeio Politismou kai Tourismou, Kratiko Mouseio Sychrones Technes, 2010.
(N 6537 .T24 A5)

Aware: Art Fashion Identity. Bologna, Italy: Damiani, 2010.
(N 8217 .C63 A93)

Baines, Patricia. A Linen Legacy: Rita Beales 1889-1987: A Monograph and Catalogue. Bath: The Crafts Study Centre, Holburne Museum, 1989.
(NK 8998 .B43 B35)

Béar, Liza. Beyond the Frame: Dialogues with World Filmmakers. Westport, CT: Praeger, 2008.
(PN 1998.2 .B42)

Bernauer, James William, and David M. Rasmussen. The Final Foucault. Cambridge, MA: MIT Press, 1988.
(B 2430 .F72 F56)

Billing, Johanna. I'm Lost Without Your Rhythm. London: Art Data International (distributor), 2009.
(N 7093 .B55 A4)

Buszek, Maria Elena. Extra/Ordinary: Craft and Contemporary Art. Durham, NC: Duke University Press, 2011.
(NK 1130 .E98)

Certeau, Michel de. The Practice of Everyday Life, Volume 2, Living and Cooking. Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press, 1998.
(HN 8 .C435)

Christian Marclay: Festival, Issues 1-3. New York: Whitney Museum of American Art; New Haven, CT: Yale University Press, 2010.
(N 6537 .M365 A6)

Colwell, David. Making Chairs. Farnham: Crafts Study Centre, 2010.
(NK 2715 .C65)

Contemporary Art at the Dodd: Paul Pfeiffer. Athens, GA: Lamar Dodd School of Art, 2007.
(N 6537 .P437 A5)

Crafts Study Centre: Essays for the Opening. Farham, Surrey, England: Crafts Study Centre; Brook: Canterton Books, 2004.
(NK 928 .C86)

Desmond, Michael. Present Tense: An Imagined Grammar of Portraiture in the Digital Age. Parkes, Canberra, ACT: National Portrait Gallery, 2010.
(N 7592.7 .D47)

Edmund Lewandowski: Precisionism and Beyond. Flint, MI: Flint Institute of Arts, 2010.
(ND 237 .L63 A4)

Fry, Tony. Design as Politics. New York: Berg, 2011.
(NK 1520 .F78)

Gita Lenz. Richmond, VA: Candela Books, 2010.
(TR 647 .L42 A4)

Held, Peter. The Art of Toshiko Takaezu: In the Language of Silence. Chapel Hill, NC: University of North Carolina Press, 2011.
(NK 4028 .T34 H45)

Important Tiffany. New York: Sotheby's 2010.
(NK 5198 .T5 S68)

Javault, Patrick. Alain Séchas. Paris: Hazan, 1998.
(NB 553 .S46 J39)

Kelly, Caleb. Sound. London: Whitechapel Gallery; Cambridge, MA: MIT Press, 2011.
(NX 650 .S68 S68)

Koenig, Peter L. Lacuna. Bradenton, FL.: GePe Production, 2010.
(N 6537 .K62 A4)

Lewitt x 2: Sol Lewitt: Structure and Line: Selections from the Lewitt Collection. Madison, WI: Madison Museum of Contemporary Art; New York: Distributed by D.A.P./Distributed Art Publishers, 2006.
(N 6537 .L46 A9)

Lockhart, Jon. Manual Labor: Engaging with Contemporary Art Through Collaborative Activity. Oxford: Modern Art Oxford, 2010.
(N 350 .L63)

Low Impact Development: A Design Manual for Urban Areas. Fayetteville, AR: University of Arkansas Community Design Center, 2010.
(GB 980 .L69)

Marina Abramovic: Objects, Performance, Video, Sound. Oxford: Museum of Modern Art Oxford; Stuttgart, Germany: Edition Hansjörg Mayar, 1995.
(NX 571 .T84 A5)

Mey, Kerstin. Art and Obscenity. London; New York: I.B. Taurus, 2007.
(N 8217 .E6 M59)

Olding, Simon. John Hinchcliffe. Uplyme, Dorset: Canterton Books in association with the Crafts Study Centre, 2006.
(N 6797 .H44 O43)

Oliver, Valerie Cassel. Hand + Made: The Performative Impulse in Art and Craft. Houston: Contemporary Arts Museum Houston, 2010.
(NX 456.5 .P38 O45)

Open City: Street Photographs Since 1950. Oxford, England: Museum of Modern Art Oxford; Ostfildern-Ruit: Hatje Cantz; New York: Distributed by D.A.P./Distributed Art Publishers, 2001.
(TR 654 .O73)

Pressplay: Contemporary Artists in Conversation. London; New York: Phaidon, 2005.
(N 6490 .P74)

Price, Seth, and Kelley Walker. Continuous Project #12. Oxford, England: Modern Art Oxford, 2007.
(N 6537 .P69 A4)

Quinn, Bradley. Textile Futures: Fashion, Design and Technology. Oxford; New York: Berg, 2010.
(TS 1445 .Q56)

Rawlinson, Mark. American Visual Culture. Oxford; New York: Berg, 2009.
(NX 458 .R29)

Robert Lehman Lectures on Contemporary Art. New York: Dia Art Foundation, 2004.
(N 6490 .R5912)

Robert Mangold, Ring Paintings. New York: Pace Gallery, 2011.
(ND 237 .M165 A5)

Ruhlmann: An Important Original Interior. New York: Sotheby's, 2010.
(NK 2439 .R84 S68)

Sergej Jensen. Berlin: DISTANZ Verlag, 2011.
(N 6888 .J44 A4)

Torres, Ana Maria. Carme Pinós: An Architecture of Overlay. New York: Monacelli Press, 2003.
(NA 1313 .P56 T67)

Zizek, Slavoj. The Plague of Fantasies. London; New York: Verso, 1997.
(BF 175.5 .F36 Z58)


Another Tomorrow: Young Video Art from the Collection of the Neue Galerie Graz am Landesmuseum Joanneum. Philadelphia: Slought Foundation; San Francisco: Distributed by Microcinema International, 2008.
(DVD PN 1995.9 .E96 A56)

Arcimboldo: Nature and Fantasy. Landover, MD: Education Division, National Gallery of Art, 2010.
(DVD ND 623 .A7 N38)

Aronofsky, Darren. Black Swan. Beverly Hills, CA: Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment, 2011.
(DVD PN 1997 .B542)

The Art Guys Present Home on the Range: Video Works 1984-2008: Nothing to It: The Art Guys in Concert. San Francisco: Microcinema, 2009.
(DVD N 6537 .A71 H66)

Boyle, Danny. 127 Hours. Beverly Hills, CA: Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment, 2011.
(DVD PN 1997 .O57)

Chernick, Alison. The Jeff Koons Show. San Francisco: Distributed exclusively by Microcinema International, 2004.
(DVD N 6537 .K64 C44)

Davis, Tamra. Jean-Michel Basquiat: The Radiant Child. New York: Distributed by New Video, 2010.
(DVD N 6608 .B27 D38)

Epstein, Robert P., and Jeffrey Friedman. Howl. New York: Oscilloscope Pictures, 2010.
(DVD PN 1997 .H71)

Hillel, Joseph, and Patrick Demers. Regular or Super: Views on Mies van der Rohe. New York: First Run/Icarus Films, 2004.
(DVD NA 1088 .M65 R44)

Kudlàcek, Martina. Notes on Marie Menken. Brooklyn, NY: Icarus Films Home Video, 2009.
(DVD PN 1995.9 .E96 M48)

Lévy-Kuentz, François. Yves Klein: La Révolution Bleue. Paris: Réunion des musées nationaux, 2007.
(DVD N 6853 .K54 Y94)

McMullen, Ken. Ghost Dance. London: Mediabox Limited, 2008.
(DVD PN 1997 .G51)

Monteverde, Alejandro. Bella. Santa Monica, CA: Lions Gate Entertainment, 2006.
(DVD PN 1997 .B438)

Russell, David O. The Fighter. Hollywood, CA: Paramount, 2011.
(DVD PN 1997 .F465)

Schneider, Aaron. Get Low. Culver City, CA: Sony Pictures Home Entertainment, 2011.
(DVD PN 1997 .G48)

Walker, Lucy. Waste Land. Beverly Hills, CA: Arthouse Films: Curiously Bright Entertainment: Distributed by New Video, 2011.
(DVD TR 647 .M86 W37)


Béar, Liza. Open Discussion with Liza Béar. Bloomfield Hills, MI: Cranbrook Academy of Art, 2011.
(CAA LECTURE Béar 2011B)

Brown, Marshall. Chimera. Bloomfield Hills, MI: Cranbrook Academy of Art, 2011.
(CAA LECTURE Brown 2011)

Lamb, Max. I am a Designer. Bloomfield Hills, MI: Cranbrook Academy of Art, 2011.
(CAA LECTURE Lamb 2011)

Linzy, Kalup. An Evening with Kalup Linzy. Bloomfield Hills, MI: Cranbrook Academy of Art, 2011.
(CAA LECTURE Linzy 2011)

Wilson, Anne. Anne Wilson: Objects and Performances. Bloomfield Hills, MI: Cranbrook Academy of Art, 2011.
(CAA LECTURE Wilson 2011)