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New Acquisitions: April - September 2005


Aberth, Susan L. Leonora Carrington: Surrealism, Alchemy and Art. Aldershot, Hampshire: Lord Humphries; Burlington, VT: Ashgate, 2004.
(N 6797 .C37 A23)

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(N 6494 . P74 A38)

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(NB 237 .A6 A35)

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(NK 4710 .A56)

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(Z 261 .A93)

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(ND 2850 .L48 B35)

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(PR 6052 .A66 E54)

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(HM 201 .B39)

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(NK 2399 .M6 B47)

La Biennale di Venezia: 51st International Art Exhibition. 3 volumes. New York: Rizzoli International Publications, 2005.
(N 5073 .V4 K8 2005)

Birkeland, Janis. Design for Sustainability: A Sourcebook of Integrated, Eco-logical Solutions. London: Sterling, VA: Earthscan Publications, 2002.
(GE 350 .B57)

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(PN 1972 .B57)

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(CB 427 .B67)

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(N 72 .S6 B74)

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(PQ 2663 .L9 A27)

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(PS 3553 .U48 S64)

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(N 66 .D26 U56)

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(B 2430 .D45 P87)

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(N 6512 .5 .S75 D47)

Diamond, Jared M. Collapse: How Societies Choose to Fail or Succeed. New York: Viking, 2005.
(HN 13 .D48)

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(HM 206 .D48)

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(HM 621 .E15)

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(NK 8212 .F46)

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(HD 53 .F465)

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(NK 4797 .F73)

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(NK 6030 .S66)

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(TR 647 .F82 F75)

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(BF 448. G53)

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(N 6797 .G64 A465)

Goldsworthy, Andy. Time. New York: Harry N. Abrams, 2000.
(N 6797 .G64 A435)

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(GV 1695 .H38)

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(NK 4141 .F5 C47)

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(NX 512 .G64)

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(BD 181.7 .H89)

The Interventionists: Users' Manual for the Creative Disruption of Everyday Life. North Adams, Mass.: MASS MoCA; Cambridge, Mass.: Distributed by the MIT Press, 2004.
(NX 650 .P6 155)

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(N 7445.2 .J9 2005)

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(N 71. K55)

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(LD 1401 .C68 K67)

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(N 6535 .L6 K73)

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(NB 497 .D83 L38)

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(Z 246 .L725)

Made Here: 2005 Graduate Book of Cranbrook Academy of Art. Bloomfield Hills, Mich.: Cranbrook Academy of Art, 2005.
(Ref. N. 330 .B55 C72 2005)

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(N 7433 .85 .M34 A4)

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(TA 418 .9 .C6 M37)

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(NC 997 .M372)

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(NA 737 .S11 M47)

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(BD 581 .M44)

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(TR 660 .5 .M58 B73)

Monte Nagler's Michigan: Photographs. Ann Arbor: University of Michigan Press, 2005.
(F 567 .N34)

10.10-2: 100 Architects, 10 Critics. London; New York: Phaidon Press, 2005.
(NA 680 .A11)

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(BF 408 .P49)

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(N 6537 .W265 R34)

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(NB 497 .W46 A4)

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(TR 647 .S22 W67)

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(HQ 1190 .S34)

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(TS 155 .6 .D55)

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(NK 4710 .S56)

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(TA 174 .T52)

Thing: New Sculpture from Los Angeles. Los Angeles: Hammer Museum, Fellows of Contemporary Art, 2005.
(NB 230 .L67 T45)

3 x Abstraction: New Methods of Drawing: Hilma af Klint, Emma Kunz, Agnes Martin. New York: The Drawing Center; New Haven, CT: Yale University Press, 2005.
(NC 95 .5 .A25 A13)

Visual Music: Synaesthesia in Art and Music Since 1990. Los Angeles, CA: Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles, 2005.
(NX 456 .V55)

Ware, Chris. Jimmy Corrigan: The Smartest Kid on Earth. New York: Pantheon Books, 2000.
(PN 6727 .W285 J56)

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(BF 411 .W56)


Achbar, Mark, and Jennifer Abbott. The Corporation. United States: Zeitgeist Films, 2005.
(DVD HD 2731 .C67)

Almodóvar, Pedro. Bad Education = La Mala Educación. Culver City, Calif.: Sony Pictures Home Entertainment, 2005.
(DVD PN 1997 B27)

Amenábar, Alejandro. The Sea Inside = Mar Adentro. United States: New Line Home Entertainment; Burbank, CA: Distributed by Warner Home Video, 2005.
(DVD PN 1997 .S41)

Anderson, Wes. The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou. United States: Touchstone Home Entertainment; Burbank, CA: Distributed by Buena Vista Home Entertainment, 2005.
(DVD PN 1997 .L53)

Arcand, Denys. The Decline of the American Empire. Port Washington, NY: Koch Lorber, 2004.
(DVD PN 1997 .D44)

Asquith, Anthony. The Browning Version. Irvington, NY: Criterion Collection, 2005.
(DVD PN 1997 .B86)

Bertoglio, Edo. Downtown 81. New York: Zeitgeist Video; 2002.
(DVD PN 1997 .D79)

Buñuel, Luis. The Phantom of Liberty = Le Fantôme de la Liberté. Irvington, NY: Criterion Collection, 2005.
(DVD PN 1997 .P475)

Chadha, Gurinder. Bride & Prejudice. United States: Touchstone Home Video, 2005.
(DVD PN 1997 .B79)

Chuck Close: A Portrait in Progress. Chicago, IL: Home Vision Entertainment, 2003.
(DVD N 6537 .C54 P67)

Eastwood, Clint. Million Dollar Baby. Burbank, CA: Warner Home Video, 2005.
(DVD PN 1997 .M56)

Fischli, Peter, and David Weiss. The Way Things Go. New York: First Run Features, 200-?.
(DVD PN 1995 .9 .E96 F48)

George, Terry. Hotel Rwanda. United States: Metro Goldwyn Mayer Home Entertainment, 2005.
(DVD PN 1997 .H675)

Germi, Pietro. Divorce Italian Style = Divorzio all'Italiana. Irvington, NY: Criterion Collection, 2005.
(DVD PN 1997 .D61)

Gilbert, Lewis. Alfie. Hollywood, CA: Paramount, 2000.
(DVD PN 1997 .A33)

Helfand, Judith. Blue Vinyl. United States: Docurama; New York: Distributed by New Video, 2005.
(DVD TD 195 .P52 B58)

Joseph Campbell and the Power of Myth. New York: Mystic Fire Video, 2001.
(DVD BL 304 .C36)

Kurosawa, Akira. Kagemusha = The Shadow Warrior. United States: Criterion Collection, 2005.
(DVD PN 1997 .K35)

Leigh, Mike. Vera Drake. Burbank, CA: New Line Home Entertainment, 2005.
(DVD PN 1997 .V47)

Lloyd Webber, Andrew, and Joel Schumacher. The Phantom of the Opera. Burbank, CA: Warner Home Video.
(DVD PN 1997 .P476)

Mann, Ron. Comic Book Confidential. Chicago: Public Media Inc.: Home Vision Entertainment, 2002.
(DVD NC 1420 .C66)

Nakahira, Ko. Crazed Fruit = Kurutta Kajitsu. Irvington, NY: Criterion Collection / Home Vision Entertainment, 2005.
(DVD PN 1997 .C74)

Nichols, Mike. Closer. Culver City, CA: Columbia TriStar Home Entertainment: Distributed by Sony Pictures Home Entertainment, 2005.
(DVD PN 1997 .C57)

Okamoto, Kihachi. The Sword of Doom = Diabosatsutoge. Irvington, NY: Criterion Collection, 2005.
(DVD PN 1997 .S97)

Parker, Trey. Team America: World Police. Hollywood, CA: Paramount, 2005.
(DVD PN 1997 .T375)

Payne, Alexander. Sideways. Beverly Hills, CA: 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment, 2005.
(DVD PN 1997 .S586)

Ramis, Harold. Groundhog Day. Culver City, CA: Columbia TriStar Home Video, 2002.
(DVD PN 1997 .G78)

Renoir, Jean. The River. Irvington, NY: Criterion Collection, 2005.
(DVD PN 1997 .R58)

Schlöndorff, Volker. Young Törless = Der Junge Törless. Irvington, NY: Criterion Collection, 2005.
(DVD PN 1997 .Y675)

Scorsese, Martin. The Aviator. Burbank, CA: Warner Home Video, 2005.
(DVD PN 1997 .A95)

Shyamalan, M. Night. The Village. Burbank, CA: Touchstone Home Entertainment, 2005.
(DVD PN 1997 .V55)

Silberling, Bradley. Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events. Hollywood, CA: Paramount Home Entertainment, 2005.
(DVD PN 1997 .L44)

Solondz, Todd. Happiness. United States: Trimark Home Video, c1999.
(DVD PN 1997 .H37)

Wajda, Andrzej. A Generation = Pokolenie. Irvington, NY: Criterion Collection, 2005.
(DVD PN 1997 .G45)

Welles, Orson, and Peter Bogdanovich. F for Fake. United States: Criterion Collection, 2005.
(DVD PN 1997 .F22)

Wyler, William. Roman Holiday. Hollywood, CA: Paramount, 2002.
(DVD PN 1997 .R66)

Yu, Jessica. In the Realms of the Unreal: The Mystery of Henry Darger. New York: Wellspring, 2005.
(DVD N 6537 .D32 15)

Zhou, Xingchi. Kung Fu Hustle. Culver City, CA: Sony Pictures Entertainment, 2005.
(DVD PN 1997 .K78)