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New Acquisitions: October 2004


Aav, Marianne. Marimekko: Fabrics, Fashion, Architecture. New Haven: Yale University Press, 2003.
(NK 4710 .M23)

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(NA 2500 .A445)

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(NK 1412 .Z57 A4)

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(TR 647 .G73 A4)

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(ND 237 .H43 A76)

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(NK 942 .M8 B43)

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(ND 553 .F84 A4)

Bloemink, Barbara J. Design - is Not Equal to - Art: Functional Objects from Donald Judd to Rachel Whiteread. London: Merrell; New York: Cooper-Hewitt Museum, 2004.
(NK 1390 .B56)

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(NK 1412 .K37 C35)

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(NA 2760 .C46)

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(N 6537 .B985 A4)

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(NK 8205 .M34)

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(N 5220 .R83)

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(N 7355 .D65)

Donald Judd. New York: Distributed Art Publishers, 2004.
(N 6537 .J83 A4)

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(NK 8249 .A1 A16)

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(N 7475 .E55)

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(NX 571 .F5 N48)

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(N 6537 .G634 A4)

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(ND 237 .H32 A4)

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(NA 1569 .K67 A4)

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(ML 3485.5 .H43)

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(NA 737 .R66 H65)

The Imaginary Portraits of George Condo. New York: PowerHouse Books, 2002.
(ND 237 .C72 A4)

John Chamberlain: Recent Sculpture. New York: PaceWildenstein, 2003.
(NB 237 .C38 A5)

John Currin. Chicago: Museum of Contemporary Art, 2003.
(ND 237 .C86 A4)

Joseph Cornell: Shadowplay, Eterniday. New York: Thames & Hudson, 2003.
(N 6537 .C66 A7)

Julian Schnabel: New Indian Paintings and Selected Sculpture. New York: PaceWildenstein, 2003.
(N 6537 .S355 A5)

Kangas, Rob. The Flowers of Insomnia & Other Photographs: A Retrospective. Rochester, MI: Meadow Brook Art Gallery, 2004.
(TR 647 .K38 A4)

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(N 6494 .I57 K47)

Ketner, Joseph D. Roxy Paine: Second Nature. Houston: Contemporary Arts Museum, 2002.
(N 6537 .P32 K48)

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(ND 237 .K671 A4)

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(NB 237 .T55 K87)

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(NK 410 .D44 H39)

Louise Nevelson: Sculpture of the '50s and '60s. New York: PaceWildenstein, 2002.
(NB 237 .N5 A5)

Matthew Ritchie: Proposition Player. Houston, TX: Contemporary Arts Museum Houston, in association with Hatje Cantz, 2003.
(ND 497 .R58 A4)

McCullough, Malcolm. Digital Ground: Architecture, Pervasive Computing , and Environmental Knowing. Cambridge, MA: MIT Press, 2004.
(QA 76.9 .A73 M45)

McDaniel, Randy. A Blacksmithing Primer: A Course in Basic and Intermediate Blacksmithing. Minneapolis, MN: Hobar, 2004.
(TT 220 .M28)

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(ND 237 .W58 M47)

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(NA 737 .G44 M55)

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(N 6537 .B985 M67)

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(E 902 .M69)

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(HM 646 .M84)

Nature Transformed: Wood Art from the Bohlen Collection. Ann Arbor, MI: University of Michigan Museum of Art / Hudson Hills Press, 2004.
(NK 9701 .A56 N38)

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(NC 997 .P685)

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(NB237 .D82 R36)

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(NA 2305 .C5 E73)

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(N 6537 .R24 A6)

Robert Smithson. Los Angeles: Museum of Contemporary Art / University of California Press, 2004.
(N 6537 .S618 A4)

Rosa, Joseph. Yves Béhar Fuseproject. San Francisco, CA: San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, 2004.
(NK 1535 .B44 R67)

Savage, Rebecca Binno, and Greg Kowalski. Art Deco in Detroit. Charleston, SC: Arcadia, 2004.
(NA 735 .D4 S38)

See the Music, Hear the Dance: Rethinking African Art at the Baltimore Museum of Art. Munich: Prestel, 2004.
(N 7390 .B35)

Solange Fabiĕo: Duration: 1 Hour and 3 Minutes - Location: 17.3 Miles. New York: Solange Fabiao, 2002.
(PN 1992.8 .V5 F33)

Storr, Robert. Disparities & Deformations: Our Grotesque: International SITE Santa Fe Biennial 2004. Santa Fe: SITE Santa Fe, 2004.
(N 6487 .S33 S586)

Toba Khedoori - Gezeichnete Bilder. Basel: Museum für Gegenwartskunst, 2001.
(N 6537 .K45 A4)

Tony Tasset: Better Me. Normal, IL: University Galleries, Illinois State University, 2003.
(N 6537 .T37 A4)

Truss, Lynne. Eats, Shoots & Leaves: The Zero Tolerance Approach to Punctuation. New York: Gotham Books, 2004.
(PE 1450 .T75)

Vogel, Michael N. Lighthouses. New York: Main Street, 2001.
(VK 1010 .V64)

Wilson, Eva. Ornament - 8,000 Years: An Illustrated Handbook of Motifs. New York: H.N. Abrams, 1994.
(NK 1530 .W56)

Wright, Lesley. Roots of Renewal: An Exhibition and Community Partnership. Grinnell, Iowa: Faulconer Gallery, 2004.
(N 6522 .W75)


Arcand, Denys. The Barbarian Invasions = Les Invasions Barbares. Burbank, CA: Buena Vista Home Entertainment, 2004.
(DVD PN 1997 .B37)

Becker, Wolfgang. Good Bye Lenin! Culver City, CA: Columbia TriStar Home Entertainment, 2004.
(DVD PN 1997 .G67)

Bradford, Arthur. How's Your News? Los Angeles, CA: Shout! Factory, 2004.
(DVD PN 4749 .H69)

Carné, Marcel. Port of Shadows = Le Quai des Brumes. Irvington, NY: Criterion Collection, 2004.
(DVD PN 1997 .P675)

Coen, Ethan, and Joel Coen. The Ladykillers. Burbank, CA: Touchstone Home Entertainment, 2004.
(DVD PN 1997 .L335)

Coixet, Isabel. My Life Without Me. Culver City, CA: Columbia TriStar Home Entertainment, 2004.
(DVD PN 1997 .M95)

Fellini, Federico. I Vitelloni. United States: Image Entertainment, 2004.
(DVD PN 1997 .V58)

Gibson, Mel. The Passion of the Christ. United States: 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment, 2004.
(DVD PN 1997 .P38)

Gondry, Michel. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. Universal City, CA: Universal, 2004.
(DVD PN 1997 .E84)

Guest, Christopher. The Big Picture. Culver City, CA: Columbia TriStar Home Entertainment, 2002.
(DVD PN 1997 .B47)

Klapisch, Cédric. L'Auberge Espagnole = Spanish Apartment. United States: 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment, 2003.
(DVD PN 1997 .A84)

LaBute, Neil. Possession. Universal City, CA: Universal Pictures, 2003.
(DVD PN 1997 .P68)

MacDonald, Kevin. Touching the Void. United States: MGM Home Entertainment, 2004.
(DVD GV 199.92 .S57 A34)

Moore, Michael. Fahrenheit 9/11. Culver City, CA: Columbia TriStar Home Entertainment, 2004.
(DVD E 902 .F34)

Ozu, Yasujiro. Early Summer = Bakushu. Irvington, NY: Criterion Collection, 2004.
(DVD PN 1997 .E17)

Renoir, Jean. Elena and Her Men = Elena et les Hommes. Irvington, NY: Criterion Collection, 2004.
(DVD PN 1997 .E45)

Renoir, Jean. French Cancan. Irvington, N.Y.: Criterion Collection, 2004.
(DVD PN 1997 .F73)

Renoir, Jean. The Golden Coach = Le Carrosee d'Or. Irvington, N.Y.: Criterion Collection, 2004.
(DVD PN 1997 .G63)

Riedelsheimer, Thomas. Rivers and Tides: Andy Goldsworthy Working with Time. Burlington, VT: Docurama, 2004.
(DVD N 6797 .G64 R58)

Spurlock, Morgan. Super Size Me. Culver City, CA: Columbia TriStar Home Entertainment, 2004.
(DVD TX 945.3 .S87)

Stanton, Andrew. Finding Nemo. Burbank, CA: Buena Vista Home Entertainment, 2003.
(DVD PN 1997 .F47)

Wood, Bret. Hell's Highway: The True Story of Highway Safety Films. New York: Kino International, 2003.
(DVD HE 5614 .H45)


Leconte, Patrice. Girl on the Bridge. Hollywood, CA: Paramount Classics, 2000.
(VHS PN 1997 .G53)