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New Acquisitions: November 2002


Arnulf Rainer: Museum Würth. Künzelsau: Swiridoff, 2001.
(N 6811.5 .R3 A6)

Berger, Warren. Advertising Today. London: Phaidon, 2001.
(HF 5823 .B43)

Bill Viola: Buried Secrets. Tempe: University Art Museum, Arizona State University / Hannover, Germany: Kestner-Gesellschaft, 1995.
(PN 1992.8 .V5 V72)

Blackwell, Lewis. Soon: Brands of Tomorrow. London: Laurence King, 2001.
(HF 5821 .S66)

Body and Building: Essays on the Changing Relation of Body and Architecture. Cambridge, Mass.: MIT Press, 2002.
(NA 2542.4 .B62)

Bonito Oliva, Achille. Art Tribes. Milan: Skira, 2002.
(N 6488 .I8 R65)

Botanica: Contemporary Art and the World of Plants. Duluth, Minn.: Tweed Museum of Art, 1999.
(N 7680 .B68)

Boyd, Brian. Vladimir Nabokov: The American Years. Princeton, N.J.: Princeton University Press, 1991.
(PG 3476 .N3 B69)

Boyd, Virginia T. Contemporary Studio Case Furniture: The Inside Story. Madison, Wis.: Elvehjem Museum of Art, University of Wisconsin, 2001.
(NK 2712.3 .B69)

Carol Kreeger Davidson: Days of Danger. New York: Humphrey, 1997.
(NB 237 .D13 A4)

Carver, Antonia. Blink: 100 Photographers, 010 Curators, 010 Writers. London: Phaidon Press, 2002.
(TR 642 .B55)

Charles Ginnever: Rashomon. Stanford, Calif.: Iris & B. Gerald Cantor Center for Visual Arts, Stanford University, 2000.
(NB 237 .G48 A5)

Colors: Tibor Kalman: Issues 1-13. New York: Harry N. Abrams, Inc., 2002.
(NC 999.4 K35 C65)

Cooper, Paul. The New Tech Garden. London: Mitchell Beazley, 2001.
(SB 472.45 .C67)

Cozzolino, Robert. Dudley Huppler: Drawings. Madison, Wis.: Elevehjem Museum of Art, University of Wisconsin-Madison, 2002.
(NC 139 .H87 C69)

Crawford, Alistair. Mario Giacomelli. London: Phaidon, 2001.
(TR 654 .G49 C73)

Crewdson, Gregory. Twilight. New York: Harry N. Abrams, 2002.
(TR 654 .C73 T85)

Dawson, Barry. Street Graphics India. New York: Thames and Hudson, 1999.
(NC 998.6 .I5 D38)

Dunning, William V. Advice to Young Artists in a Postmodern Era. Syracuse, N.Y.: Syracuse University Press, 2000.
(N 8350 .D86)

Engels, Hans. Bauhaus-Architektur: 1919-1933. Munich: Prestel, 2001.
(NA 1068 .E54)

Feldman, Melissa E. Beverly Semmes. Philadelphia: Institute of Contemporary Art, 1993.
(NK 8898 .S46 F45)

Ferrin, Leslie. Teapots Transformed: Exploration of an Object. Madison, Wis.: Guild Pub., 2000.
(NK 8730 .F47)

Florence Paradeis. Santiago de Compostela: Centro Galego de Arte Contemporánea, 2000.
(TR 647 .P36 A4)

Foster, Hal. Design and Crime: and Other Diatribes. London: Verso, 2002.
(N 72 .S6 F67)

Freyer, John D. All My Life for Sale. New York: Bloomsbury, 2002.
(E 169.04 .F74)

Gair, Angela. Artist's Manual: A Complete Guide to Painting and Drawing Materials and Techniques. San Francisco: Chronicle Books, 1996.
(ND 1500 .A78)

Gibson, Ralph. Ex Libris: Photographs and Constructs. New York: PowerHouse Books, 2001.
(TR 654 .G53 E9)

Graze, Sue. Linda Ridgway: A Survey: The Poetics of Form. Houston: Glassell School of Art of the Museum of Fine Arts / Dallas Museum of Art, 1997.
(N 6537 .R53 G73)

Grynsztejn, Madeleine. Ellsworth Kelly in San Francisco. San Francisco: San Francisco Museum of Modern Art / University of California Press, 2002.
(NS 237 .K291 G79)

Hacker, Diana. A Writer's Reference. Boston: Bedford/St. Martin's, 2001.
(Ref. PE 1408 .H27 2001)

Heller, Steven. Education of a Design Entrepreneur. New York: Allworth Press, 2002.
(NC 1001.6 .E35)

Heskett, John. Toothpicks and Logos: Design in Everyday Life. New York: Oxford University Press, 2002.
(TS 171 .H475)

Jean-Pierre Larocque: Palimpsest. Ferndale, Mich.: Revolution, 1996.
(NK 4210 .L27 A4)

Johnson, Jean. Exploring Contemporary Craft: History, Theory, and Critical Writing. Toronto: Coach House Books, 2002.
(NK 841 .E97)

Kamin, Blair. Why Architecture Matters: Lessons from Chicago. Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 2001.
(NA 735 .C34 K36)

Kamps, Toby. Lateral Thinking: Art of the 1990s. San Diego: Museum of Contemporary Art, 2002.
(N 6487 .S21 M87)

Kay Lawrence. Winchester: Telos Art Publishing, 2002.
(NK 3090 .A L39)

Kennedy, Marla Hamburg. Car Culture. Salt Lake City: Gibbs Smith, 1998.
(TR 690.4 .C37)

Le Clair, Charles. Color in Contemporary Painting. New York: Watson-Guptill Publications, 1997.
(ND 1489 .L43)

Lippmann, Walter. Public Opinion. New York: Free Press Paperbacks, 1997.
(HM 261 .L75)

Livingston, Jane. The Paintings of Joan Mitchell. New York: Whitney Museum / University of California Press, 2002.
(ND 237 .M71 L58)

Marian Smit. Winchester: Telos Art Publishing, 2002.
(NK 8553.5 .S65 S76)

McDonough, William. Cradle to Cradle: Remaking the Way We Make Things. New York: North Point Press, 2002.
(TD 794.5 .M39)

Michael Odnoralov: Alice from the Lower East Side. New York: SAUPRA, 1997.
(ND 699 .O36 A4)

Millar, Lesley. Chiyoko Tanaka. Winchester, England: Telos Art Publishing, 2002.
(NK 8998 .T36 M55)

Misrah, Richard. Golden Gate. Santa Fe, N.M.: Arena Editions, 2001.
(TR 647 .M52 A4)

Modernism and Post-Modernism: Russian Art of the Ending Millennium. New York: SAUPRA, 1998.
(N 6988 .M64)

Morgan, Robert C. Bruce Nauman. Baltimore: Johns Hopkins University Press, 2002.
(N 6537 .N29 A5)

Morsiani, Paola. When 1 is 2: The Art of Alighiero e Boetti. Houston: Contemporary Arts Museum, 2002.
(N 6923 .B59 M67)

Nasby, Judith. Lois Etherington Betteridge: A Tribute Exhibition with Beth Alber,Jackie Anderson, Anne Barros, Beth Biggs, Brigitte Clavette, Kye-Yeon Son and Ken Vickerson. Guelph, Ontario: MacDonald Stewart Art Centre, 2000.
(NK 7198 .B47 N37)

Natasha Zupan: Flesh Fold. New York: Folin/Riva, 2000.
(N 6537 .Z85 A4)

Noever, Peter. Granular Synthesis: NoiseGate-M6. Ostfildern: Cantz, 1998.
(NX 548 .A1 G76)

Norm Magnusson, American Painter. Springfield, Mo.: Springfield Art Museum, 2000.
(ND 237 .M16 A4)

Novakov, Anna. Veiled Histories: The Body, Place, and Public Art. New York: Critical Press / San Francisco Art Institute, 1997.
(N 6494 .C63 V44)

Panczenko, Russell. Peter Gourfain: Clay, Wood, Bronze, and Works on Paper. Madison, Wis.: Elevehjem Museum of Art, University of Madison, 2002.
(N 6537 .G68 P36)

Peterson, Susan. Smashing Glazes: 53 Artists Share Insights and Recipes. Madison, Wis.: Guild, 2001.
(NK 4287 .P48)

Potter, Norman. What is a Designer: Things, Places, Messages. London: Hyphen, 2002.
(NK 1510 .P84)

Rachelle Thiewes: The Dance. El Paso, Texas: Adair Margo Gallery, 1996.
(NK 7398 .T45 A4)

Rectanus, Mark W. Culture Incorporated: Museums, Artists, and Corporate Sponsorship. Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press, 2002.
(N 5207 .R43)

Rexer, Lyie. Photography's Antiquarian Avant-Garde: The New Wave in Old Processes. New York: Harry N. Abrams, 2002.
(TR 642 .R49)

Roots, Garrison. Designing the World's Best Public Art. Mulgrave, Vic.: Images, 2002.
(N 8825 .R66)

Saxton, Colin. Art School: An Instructional Guide Based on the Teaching of Leading Art Colleges. Secaucus, N.J.: Chartwell Books, 1981.
(NC 730 .A77)

Schwabsky, Barry. Vitamin P: New Perspectives in Painting. London: Phaidon, 2002.
(ND 195 .V58)

Scott, Deirdre A. Passages: Contemporary Art in Transition. New York: Studio Museum in Harlem, 2000.
(N 6537.5 .P33)

SFMOMA Painting and Sculpture Highlights. San Francisco: San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, 2002.
(N740.5 A67 S46)

Skinner, Carolynne. Helen Lancaster. Winchester: Telos Art Publishing, 2002.
(NK 8898.L36 S55)

Steenbruggen, Han. Swip Stolk: Master Forever. Ghent: Snoeck Ducaju & Zoon / Groninger Museum, 2000.
(NC 999.6 .N4 S76)

Tatyana Nazarenko: Transition. New York: SAUPRA, 1997.
(ND 699 .N36 A4)

Temkin, Ann. Barnett Newman. Philadelphia: Philadelphia Museum of Art, 2002.
(N 6537 .N4 A4)

Thomas, Dylan. The Collected Stories. New York: New Directions Pub. Corp., 1986.
(PR 6039 .H52 A15)

Thomas, Dylan. The Doctor and the Devils and Other Scripts. New York: New Directions, 1966.
(PR 6039 .H52 A6)

Topham, Sean. Blowup: Inflatable Art, Architecture, and Design. Munich: Prestel, 2002.
(TS 171 .T68)

Walter Samuel Haatoum Hamady: Handmade Books, Collages and Sculptures. Racine, Wis.: Charles A. Wustum Museum of Fine Arts, 1991.
(Z 232. H14 W35)

Weschler, Lawrence. Robert Irwin Getty Garden. Los Angeles: J. Paul Getty Museum, 2002.
(SB 466 .U7 G48)

Wu, Chin-Tao. Privatizing Culture: Corporate Art Intervention Since the 1980s. New York: Verso, 2002.
(N 5207 .W83)


Bani Etemad, Rakhshan. Nargess. Chicago: Facets Video, 1998.
(VHS PN 1997 .N38)

Harding, Noel. Retrospective 1973-1983. Toronto: Art Metropole, 1986.
(VHS PN 1992.8 .V5 H37)

Hill, Gary. Full Circle; Mediations; Around & About. Toronto: Art Metropole, 1988.
(VHS PN 1992.8 V5 H55)

Lister, Ardele. Hell. Toronto: Art Metropole, 1986.
(VHS PN 1992.8 .V5 L57)

Muntadas. Between the Lines: This is Not an Advertisement; Credits. Toronto: Art Metropole, 1988.
(VHS PN 1992.8 .V5 M86)

Tschinkel, Paul. Jean Michael Basquiat: An Interview. New York: Inner-Tube Video, 1989.
(VHS N 6608 .B27 A78)


Powell, Michael. The Life and Death of Colonel Blimp. Irvington, N.Y.: Criterion Collection, 2002.
(DVD PN 1997 .L52)

Ramsay, Lynne. Ratcatcher. Irvington, N.Y.: Criterion Collection, 2002.
(DVD PN 1997 .R39)