Programs for Schools

Cranbrook Art Museum would like to welcome your class to the Cranbrook campus! From its outset, the Cranbrook Educational Community has fostered a spirit of innovation and creativity in the fields of art, architecture, and design. It is from this legacy of ingenuity that Cranbrook Art Museum has developed a multifaceted range of educational programming that caters to learners of all ages and abilities, from kindergarten through collegiate. Through object-based inquiry, students will engage with a selection of works drawn from current exhibitions, the Art Museum collection, and the Cranbrook campus. In the programs listed below, trained educators will lead students in compelling discussions that provoke critical thinking and facilitate enriched learning experiences.

To schedule your school visit, contact Kim Larsen at 248-645-3319, or

There is a $4 charge per student, and one free chaperone is admitted for every ten students. Scheduling is based on program availability and number of students. Programs can be combined to accommodate your schedule and class size.

The Costume Cave: From humble beginnings to high art, the work of Nick Cave explores identity – of place and person. Students will draw upon their own experiences to inform their costume creations. Nick Cave’s Soundsuits are embellished costumes – elaborate artworks created from sticks, buttons, bottle caps, and reclaimed items. Using humble materials, students will create their own costume components – masks, headdresses, arm coverings – to explore identity.

Collections Vault Tour: Students will be given access to the Cranbrook Art Museum vaults to see where art is stored when it is not on display. Educators will introduce the idea of collecting, and engage discussions about various objects from behind the scenes at the museum. This program allows students to take a closer look at ceramics, painting, furniture, and textiles. 30-60 minutes

Saarinen House Tour: Explore historic Saarinen House, the home of Finnish-American architect Eliel Saarinen, located in the heart of Cranbrook Academy of Art. Designed in the late 1920s, Saarinen House served as the home and studio of the Saarinen family—Eliel, Loja, Pipsan, and Eero, and today is considered an art deco design masterwork. 60 minutes, available May-October




Programs for Schools